Frequently Asked Questions

When does it take place, and where?

Monday, July 1st – Friday, July 5th 2019 at Rennies River Elementary School, 150 Elizabeth Avenue.

Where do I begin?
Please start by reviewing our class/program descriptions under “PROGRAMS” to view what we offer, and check out our other pages (i.e., venue, faculty, accommodations) to gather any other information you may need.

Then, click here to: register online!

Questions? Email:

What are the registration deadlines?

Early Bird (10% off!): April 27th
Chamber Courses: May 11th
Last day: June 1st

** 50% deposit is needed to confirm your spot **
** Late fees will apply **

What happens if I register after June 1st?

You will be charged a 10% late fee, and not guaranteed a masterclass, or full schedule. Non-Suzuki class submissions will be considered without a penalty charge.

What are the cancellation policies? 

– Cancellation before June 1st, 50% refund of deposit
– After June 1st, no refunds.

What’s the schedule going to look like?

Ultimately, the sooner we have registrations in, the sooner we can complete our schedule. However, in general:

–  We aim to have young children in core programs finished by the end of the morning. Masterclasses, group classes, orff and choir usually take place in the morning.

–  Chamber, Fiddle, Mixed Bag, Body Mapping + Orchestra usually take place in the afternoon.

What can I expect?

Once we have your info, we’ll get your children placed in their classes, and send out the full schedule in early June. Next, drop by our registration day on Sunday, June 30th. Registration will run from from 12-3 PM. At registration we’ll have tables set up for you to pay the remainder of your fees, pick up individual schedules for your children, and say hello to lots of friendly faces. We will also have a welcome play-in, with all our NLSI students playing some tunes together.

NLSI is a fun and busy week! There are activities for most of the day.  Generally, the core program for younger children will all be in the morning. Older students will have classes running later in the afternoon. There will be early-evening concerts or activities on some days.

Parental attendance and supervision is essential at NLSI. Parents are an integral part of the learning process, and you are also at NLSI to learn how to help your child’s musical growth! To that end, we require supervision of all children under 13. The ideal ratio is one adult to one child, but we realize this is not always possible. We will do our best to avoid class conflicts for families with multiple children attending NLSI, but that does make the overall day longer.

I’m hoping to enrol my child in STEP this fall. Can we participate?

Yes! We have a “Starting with Suzuki” program for both cello and violin that’s designed for children ages 4-7. It will introduce you to Suzuki parenting, while also introducing your child to the Suzuki experience. An instrument will be necessary. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer a baby/toddler class (ages 0-2) as a taste of what we offer all year round as part of our regular curriculum (Sept-June). Come try it out!

My child already plays violin, viola, or cello outside of STEP. Can they participate in NLSI this summer?

Absolutely! NLSI is open to students who are not STEP members. If you know the Suzuki repertoire, you are welcome in the Core program at any age. However, please note that all music must be memorized. Music stands and books are not to be used in group classes and rarely in master classes. Advanced students can instead sign up for our Iceberg Chamber Music Institute, running concurrently.

We offer a course bundle for non-STEP students (Enrichment/Siblings Program, ages 4-9), as well as individual classes. Classes that require recommendation from a private teacher and approval from the Artistic Director include: Orchestra, Chamber, and Fiddle  which involves a daily rehearsal and a final performance. Please check out our “Programs” page for more details.

Will I have to attend with my child?

Yes! As part of the Suzuki method, a parent or guardian will be needed to accompany a child participating in our institute. However, if a student is 13+ they may come by themselves, though parental attendance is encouraged.

Do I need to bring lunch?

Yes! However, we will have a special order prepared lunch on one or two days, details to be announced. We will also have a canteen onsite selling donated snacks – baked goods, fruit, milk, and juice. And Churchill Square is just up the road, offering several restaurants and coffee/tea spots.

What do we need to bring?

– Instrument
– Music
– Notebook + pens/pencils
– Music Stand (for chamber + orchestra – please label with last name)
– Lunch

What is a masterclass?

This is an opportunity for each student to work one-on-one with one of our faculty members for a mini lesson (15 minutes), while other students observe.

Can you ensure a scent/allergen-free environment?

NLSI is a scent-free environment, and we do our best to accommodate allergies, although we can’t make guarantees. Please list any allergies on your registration form and contact us if you have questions or concerns.