Our Programs

Core Classes for Current Suzuki Students

Twinklers (up to Go Tell Aunt Rhody) – About 3.5 hours per day ($250)

The Twinkler daily program consists of a 25-minute group class, 55-minute
masterclass, 25-minute choir rehearsal, 25-minute Orff class and a concert.
Twinklers will perform in the welcome play-in, a solo concert, and the Friday
afternoon concert. Only one 25-min optional class is recommended at this
level. Your days should be done by 2 PM.

Book 1 (O Come Little Children) to Mid-Book 2 (Handel Bourree) – About 4 hours per day ($335)

Daily program: a 55-minute group class , 55-minute masterclass, a concert, either
choir (ages 7 and below) or our “Mixed Bag” activities class (ages 8 and up) and either a 25-min. Orff (for kids up to age 9) or a 25-minute orchestral rehearsal (age 10 and up) . Students will play in the welcome play-in, a solo concert, and likely both Friday afternoon and evening concerts. Depending on age – more classes for older children – we recommend up to two 25-minute optional classes. The day should be done by 3 PM.

Late Book 2 (Two Grenadiers) to Book 5 (Veracini Sonata) About 4 hours per day ($335)

Daily program includes a 55-minute group class, 55-minute masterclass, 55-minute orchestra rehearsal, and a concert. They will perform in the welcome play-in, a solo concert, and likely both Friday concerts. The day will likely be done between 3 and 4 PM. Up to 2 hours of optional classes are able to be accommodated for students at this level.

The Iceberg Chamber Music Institute

This year, we have spun off our advanced programs into a separate chamber institute that will run parallel to NLSI (also at Bishop Feild School). The Iceberg Chamber Music Institute is for advanced string players interested in gaining chamber music experience. Applicants should be at a Suzuki Violin book 6 or RCM violin grade 7, Suzuki Viola book 4 or RCM viola grade 5 and Suzuki Cello book 4 or RCM cello grade 5 and/or by teacher recommendation. ICMI acceptance will also depend on the instrumentation balance and the playing level of other applicants. While there is no specific age requirement, ICMI is designed primarily for students between ages 12 to 18. Students who apply should be highly motivated, have previous chamber music experience and have the maturity necessary for some self-direction.

Register and find more information at icebergchambermusic.ca


Core Classes for New Students

Music with Your Baby: Infant/Toddler Music ($115)

Classes are 55 minutes long and include singing, dancing, counting in multiple languages, live violin music, marching, percussion instruments, story time, and a personal parent keepsake journal. Experience and instruments are not needed but parent involvement is crucial!

Suzuki Siblings Program ($115)

This program is geared towards younger children (ages 5 and above) who are not currently enrolled in STEP. Children participate in three general music classes: choir, theory, and Orff.

Starting with Suzuki: Violin and Cello ($340 for families new to STEP, $250 for current STEP families)

This class is for children (4-9) who wish to learn the foundations required to begin the violin or cello. Siblings (age 3) of STEP students may participate at the Institute Director’s discretion. The Starting with Suzuki program includes a daily 25-minute masterclass, 25-minute group class, a 25-minute parent lecture for new STEP parents (with babysitting provided), choir, Orff class, and an observation class.

Orchestra Only (Junior and Senior) – $75 for Junior, $140 for senior)

This program allows young musicians from outside of STEP to join the STEP orchestras for their rehearsals and performances. Junior Orchestra (25-minute rehearsal) is for students with RCM Grade 2 while students in Grade 3 or higher should choose Senior Orchestra (55-minute rehearsal).

The Piano Experience ($195-$260, depending on level)

Are you a budding pianist looking for a fun way to play music? We have limited spaces for pianists to join in the NLSI Piano Experience. There are two options for The Piano Experience: Option A includes a 25 minute Intro to Chamber rehearsal, Mixed Bag, Choir or Orff, chamber and solo performance opportunities. Option B includes Chamber includes a 55 minute chamber rehearsal, Mixed Bag, Choir or Orff, chamber and solo performance opportunities. Choose one of the two options depending on your age and/or level, as well as your teacher’s recommendation.

Optional Classes

Fiddle ($65)

Fiddle group classes consist of instruction in traditional Newfoundland
fiddle music. This group class welcomes all string players, including violists
and cellists! You can learn fiddle tunes no matter what size your fiddle is!
Beginner Fiddle pre-requisite: Minuet 1 or students with little or no fiddle experience
Intermediate Fiddle pre-requisite: Two Grenadiers in Book 2
Advanced Fiddle pre-requisite: Bourree by Bach in Book 3

Performance at the end of the week! This class is open to all students-you don’t have to be enrolled in the Suzuki Program to take it.

Orchestra ($65 Junior, $130 Senior)

Orchestras provide experience in sight-reading, ensemble playing and performance. The program offers a daily rehearsal with an experienced conductor and a final performance. The orchestra(s) will be divided into groups of similar age, level and ability. If you’re already enrolled in the Late Book 2 to Book 5 program, orchestra is included.

Intro to Chamber Music ($65)

This program consists of a daily 25-minute coaching with a chamber music specialist. The objective is to introduce students of similar abilities to the fine art of playing in small ensembles (duet, quartet, trio). The groups will perform in a concert. For students in Mid Book 2 to Mid Book 3 (Humoresque).

Chamber Music ($130)

A daily 55-minute coaching to develop ensemble playing skills. The groups will perform in a concert. For students above Mid Book 3 (Humoresque).

Extended Chamber Music  ($170)

An opportunity for students age 12+. This optional program offers a 55-minute chamber music coaching each day from June 30-July 2.  Extended Chamber Music runs concurrently with the Iceberg Chamber Music Institute, with groups performing their chamber pieces on the July 2nd final concert. It also includes social activities with other applicants participating in Extended Chamber Music and the Iceberg Chamber Music Institute.  No late registration allowed – final deadline May 6th to allow us to assign music.

Mixed Bag ($65)

This 25-minute class is is a hodgepodge of all sorts of activities. Each day, you will experience something di erent and new! Activities may include familiar favourites like Improv Jams, and Newfoundland Dance, as well as a variety of other exciting activities. Mixed Bag is available to all students, and classes are divided by age.

Parent Violin/Cello Classes – Core repertoire, Chamber Music, and Fiddle available ($75)

We welcome enthusiastic parents who want to play violin or cello along with their children at home and enrich their musical understanding. Based on interest and registration we can offer 25-minute core group classes, a fiddle class or chamber ensemble just for parents! These classes are for STEP parents, both for beginners and those with previous playing experience. Highly recommended for the parents of students in the Twinkle Program. An instrument is required.