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Welcome to our Newfoundland and Labrador Suzuki Institute (NLSI) online registration for 2019. This single process can now be used to register all members of your family. The online registration process is similar to a “Shopping Cart”, much like what you would find on your favourite e-Commerce website (e.g. Amazon, Best Buy, etc.).

Families with beginning students: register for “Starting With Suzuki”, and check out when done.

Please read through the following REGISTRATION + PAYMENT INFO
before starting
online registration (found below).

1. Select SECTION 1 if you are currently enrolled in our yearly Suzuki program, or are a Suzuki method student elsewhere; and SECTION 2 if you are not!

2. Choose a “core program” from the list provided, and indicate how many “spaces” (children) you intend on participating. After doing so, please fill in the boxes provided.

3. Add any of the “Optional” Add-on Classes to your checkout cart. (Some may require your teachers’ recommendation.)

4. CHECK OUT! After you have finished adding your classes, you must “Check Out” in order to complete your registration. If you do not, we do not receive your registration. Once you check out, you will receive an acknowledgement email, followed by a confirmation email when our administrators have processed your registration. If you don’t receive any email, you may not be registered yet – write us at to make sure.

After “Check Out”:

  • You will receive a confirmation email, and invoice for your 50% deposit (payment via E-transfer, see below). All amounts are in Canadian dollars.
  • A 10% late fee will be added onto your deposit payment if payment is not received within ONE WEEK of your registration confirmation email. Remaining fees are due June 30th, during registration day. Similar late fees apply.

2. Payment Options:

  • 50% Deposit payment: Interac e-transfer to, please use password “strings”.
  • Remaining fees: to be delivered in person, during our registration day (June 30th). Cash, cheque or e-transfer are all accepted.
  • For International Students (outside of Canada): we offer PayPal payments to Please use password “strings”.

Looking for Book 6 and up? Check out our Iceberg Chamber Music Institute.


Section 1: Core Programs and Classes for Suzuki Violin/Cello Students

These course bundles are for violin or cello students of STEP or other similar Suzuki programs, or for students ready to start lessons. They include masterclasses, group classes, and enrichment courses based on age and level.

Section 2: Programs and Classes for NON-Suzuki students

We offer a course bundle for non-Suzuki students (Enrichment/Siblings Program, ages 4-9), as well as individual classes. Classes that require recommendation from a private teacher and approval from the Artistic Director include: Orchestra, Chamber, and Fiddle.

Note: These classes run once a minimum number is reached. If we need to cancel, you’ll get a full refund.

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